Canada ETA - Canada Electronic Travel Authorisation

Canadian Government To Make ETA Filing Compulsory By 2015

Canada and the United States ratified an agreement to improve security along the perimeters shared by the two countries as well as further reciprocity in terms of sharing visa and immigration information. Part of the various initiatives as a result of this joint agreement would be Canada’s enforcement of the Electronic Travel Authorisation or ETA, potentially by the year 2015.

ETA Canada Fundamentals

The ETA which will be implemented by Canada is very similar to the digital travel verification system already being observed in the developed countries of the United States as well as Australia. The ETA, much like its name suggests, is a confirmation of a foreign national’s eligibility to travel to Canada. While quite similar to the typical visa, the ETA though is distinct in that application for one as well subsequent release of authorisation to travel will be conducted online. This nature of the ETA is why many would refer to it as Canada’s “mini visa” system.

Canadian ETA Scope

The Canadian ETA system will affect foreign nationals from countries that are visa-exempt, namely travellers hailing from select nations in Europe as well as individuals from New Zealand and Australia. Additionally, because Canadians enjoy unrestricted travel to the Unites States, then it is likely that the Canadian government, too, will grant the US this similar benefit and therefore exempt Americans from the ETA system. Meanwhile, foreign nationals from countries that are not visa-exempt will not have to file ETA applications as there is a separate travel verification process specifically allotted for them.

Applying for Canadian ETA

Just like its name suggests, filing for and obtaining the ETA will be done online. A traveller will log onto the website of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and apply for an ETA by submittingrequired personal information such as name and date of birth and possibly a copy of one’s fingerprint, too. Authorisation to travel will then be dispensed via the site and the traveller will need to print this out and submit to the appropriate officials together with other travel documents prior to leaving for Canada.

Benefits of the ETA System

The ETA’s main goal is to expedite the travel of eligible individuals to Canada. Since persons deemed undesirable or inadmissible, such as those with criminal records or those with no-fly orders, may be identified more effectively through the ETA system, then their entry into the country may be prevented timely as well.Because of this, the need to allot manpower and funds to send back these concerned individuals to their home countries may be reduced potentially saving the government crucial resources in the long run.

Eligible Countries For ETA Canada

  •   Andorra
  •   Anguilla
  •   Antigua and Barbuda
  •   Australia
  •   Austria
  •   Bahamas
  •   Barbados
  •   Belgium
  •   Bermuda
  •   British citizen
  •   British overseas citizen who is re-admissible to the United Kingdom
  •   British Virgin Islands
  •   Brunei Darussalam
  •   Cayman Islands
  •   Chile
  •   Croatia
  •   Cyprus
  •   Czech Republic
  •   Denmark
  •   Estonia
  •   Falkland Islands
  •   Finland
  •   France
  •   Federal Republic of Germany
  •   Gibraltar
  •   Greece
  •   Hungary
  •   Iceland
  •   Ireland
  •   Italy
  •   Japan
  •   Republic of Korea
  •   Latvia
  •   Liechtenstein
  •   Lithuania
  •   Luxembourg
  •   Malta
  •   Monaco
  •   Montserrat
  •   Netherlands
  •   New Zealand
  •   Norway
  •   Papua New Guinea
  •   Pitcairn Island
  •   Poland
  •   Portugal
  •   Saint Helena
  •   Samoa
  •   San Marino
  •   Singapore
  •   Slovakia
  •   Slovenia
  •   Solomon Islands
  •   Spain
  •   Sweden
  •   Switzerland
  •   Turks and Caicos Islands